Florida National Scenic Trail
Yates Marsh Section

How to Get There:

You can get into Yates Marsh from the north and from the south ends of the trail. To get to the southern end of the trail drive to Okeechobee and go west on SR70 until you reach CR599. Turn north onto CR 599 and proceed to a parking area. You must cross over the fence using the stile provided.

To get to the northern end of the Yates Marsh trail take US98 west out of Okeechobee toward Sebring. Look for NW 144 Trail, also known as Lofton Rd. Note: if you pass CR68 you have gone to far. Turn left onto NW 144 Trail and drive to the small parking area just before the S65-D lock keepers house.

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Yates Marsh is a marshy area just west of Okeechobee City. The land consists of grassy, pine flatwoods and open marsh. There is a primitive campsite on this section for hikers to spend the night. The Yates Marsh section is about 3 miles long and ends at the S65D lock on the Kissimmee River.