Florida Trail System
South Fork River Trail

How to Get There:

The South Fork trail runs along side the south fork of the St. Lucie River. Before Halpatiokee Regional Park was opened, the only way to get to this trail was to canoe/kayak up the river to the canoe landing and then walk the trail. Now that the park is open, you can access the South Fork trail directly from the park. If you want to canoe to the canoe landing at the south end of the trail, turn off Cove Rd onto Gaines Ave. Look for the small park on the right, park, launch your canoe and paddle to the canoe landing. If you want to access the trail from Halpatiokee Regional Park, take SR 76 to Lost River Road. Turn south on Lost River Road and proceed to the park entrance. The trail can be accessed at the south end of the park.

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The trail passes through stands of oak, sable palm and slash pines. All along its length the beautiful south fork of the St. Lucie is visible. You can see alligator, wading birds such as the great blue heron, and often red tailed hawks. A primitive campsite is located at the south end of the trail adjacent the canoe landing. You can spend the night with a permit issued by Martin County Parks and Recreation.