Florida Trail System
Rafael Sanchez Trail

How to Get There:

To get there, go west on SR76 to Port Mayaca. At the intersection of SR76 and US98, turn north onto US98 and go over the bridge spanning the Okeechobee Waterway. At the north end of the bridge turn west into the lock access road off of US98, proceed back toward the waterway. Instead of turning right to go up to the locks turn left toward the sugar cane fields. Just after you make the turn and in front of the line of trees park your car and look for the orange blazed trail in the woods.

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The Rafael Sanchez trail follows the old shoreline of Lake Okeechobee before the Hoover Dike was constructed. The trail is about 6 miles long and passes through stands of bald cypress, live oak, sable palm and strangler fig. The land for the park was donated to Martin County by the Rafael Sanchez family so it could be preserved for all time.