Florida National Scenic Trail
Kissimmee River Section

How to Get There:

You can get to the Kissimmee River section either from the north or from the south. To get to the north trailhead, proceed west from Okeechobee on SR 70. At the junction of SR 70 and CR 599 turn left onto the S65-E Lock Access Road. Drive to the end and find a place to park. Do not block the lockkeepers access or park in the yard. To get to the south trailhead, go south on SR 78 to Okee-Tantie. You can park in Okee-Tantie, but, you may have to pay a parking fee. Walk over to where the Kissimmee River section departs from the trail around Lake Okeechobee.

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This makes a excellent day hike if you have more than one car. You can park one car at either end of the trail, drive to the other end and then hike back to where you parked the first car. The trail follows the channelized Kissimmee River. The river is on one side and a terrain of mostly pasture on the other.