Hungryland Wildlife Management Area

How to Get There:

Hungryland comprises over 12000 acres along the southern boundary between Martin and Palm Beach Counties. From Stuart, drive west on SR 76 until you get to Pratt & Whitney Road (SR 711). Turn south onto Pratt & Whitney Road and continue until you get to the trailhead parking area located on the east side of the road. From Jupiter, travel west on Indiantown Road (SR 706) until you get to Pratt & Whitney Road. Turn north and continue on to the trailhead. Note, the trailhead is about 1/4 mile north of the main gate.

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The trail in Hungryland is actually the old Jupiter to Indiantown road orginally built in the early 1900's. The road is essentially as it was when it was constructed. Bird life in Hungryland is amazing. You will see all manner of water fowl as the area is primarily a fresh water marsh. Hawks and other raptors also abound. Alligators and deer are also plentiful. The area was once privately owned and the developer, wanting to build hundreds of homes, dug large canals crisscrossing the property. These canals are still here and provide opportunity to fish for bass and other fresh water species. You can drive your car along side the canals affording you the chance to see much of what the area has to offer. A small picnic pavilion reached via the main gate makes a good place to have lunch after your hike.