Florida Trail System
Hawks Bluff Trail

How to Get There:

To get to Hawks Bluff, drive east on Jensen Beach Blvd to Savannah Road. Turn north (left) onto Savannah Road and proceed approximately 1.2 miles to the gate. There is no parking lot so just park on the side of the road. Start your hike by passing through the gate, going down the steep hill until you see a white, double blaze on the telephone pole. Turn left and follow the white blazes.

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The Hawks Bluff trail (1.1 miles loop) is located in the Savannas State Park. Hawks Bluff crosses relict sand dunes before passing into oak hammocks. Near the end of the loop you will come out onto a grassy area overlooking the Savannas. This makes a great place to pause and watch all the bird life. Continue walking along the water's edge until you see another double blaze on a tree. Turn right and proceed back up the hill to where you parked your car.