Florida National Scenic Trail
Dupuis Wildlife Management Area

How to Get There:

Dupuis is a large multiuse area located along SR76 about 25 miles from Stuart. The trailhead for all the trails is located at Gate 2. Simply drive west on SR76 until you get to Gate 2. Turn in, park, get maps from the kiosk and start your hike.

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The trail system in Dupuis consists of 17 miles of trail composed of 4 loops. You can take short (2 hour) day hikes to overnight backpack trips within the management area. Because hunting is permitted, you may not be allowed on the property during hunting season. Dupuis was previously a cattle ranch so much of the terrain is grass and pine flatwoods. You will see much wildlife at Dupuis. Deer, feral pig, bald eagle, hawk, many varieties of snakes, raccoon, etc. can be seen.